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American medical supply management provider to support European hospital pharmacists

Omnicell, a California-based company specialising in medication dispensing automation, has pledged an unrestricted grant to the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) to aid hospital pharmacy advancement.  The aim is to promote pharmacy development through using automation to improve stock-taking efficiency, tighten security, enhance the tracking of pharmaceutical products and manage waste production, in order to improve patient safety and decrease errors.

The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists represents more than 19,000 hospital pharmacists across 35 European countries, bringing together national organisations representing hospital pharmacists at European and international levels.  Founded in 1972, the EAHP: “represents and develops the hospital pharmacy profession within Europe in order to ensure the continuous improvement of care and outcomes for patients in the hospital setting. This is achieved through science, research, education, practice, as well as sharing best-practice and responsibility with other healthcare professionals.”

In an ongoing bid to promote best practice, provide a platform for training and advance the position of European hospital pharmacists within their local and national spheres, the EAHP is working to implement the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy to achieve objectives agreed by all members to improve the delivery of hospital pharmacy services.

It is hoped that the grant will help to ensure that hospital pharmacies across the represented countries will have the equipment and technology that they need to administer accurate and efficient medication, thereby reducing errors and ultimately improving patient safety throughout Europe.