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Any mobile app relating to the use of medicines should be reviewed by a pharmacist, say EAHP

Following the recommendation made in the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy, published in May this year, the president for The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) has come forward to reiterate how essential it is for pharmacists to be involved in both the development and testing of any mobile apps which relate to the use of medicines.

“The implications of a badly designed mHealth application related to medicines use is frightening,” Dr Roberto Frontini has stated. “All medicines can potentially cause harm if not taken properly. We recommend pharmacists be involved in both development and testing of such applications.”

This request comes in response to a consultation on mobile health issued by the European Commission (EC) as part of their ongoing research to collate expert views and insights on the health related applications of smartphone technology.

The comments from the organisation have not only caused the EC to further consider pre-existing concerns about the availability of healthcare apps and whether they should be treated more as medical devices, but have also prompted the European Commission to think about the important effects mHealth has on patient safety and their outcomes, in addition to its cost-saving benefits.