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“Clinical trial sponsors have a ‘moral duty’ to make data available to participants, the public and scientific community”

This is the consensus of over 80% of the 400 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM) members who took part in a survey between 23 September and 28 October, last year.

On publication of the study’s results it transpires that 87% of pharmaceutical doctors say they believe increased scrutiny of clinical trial data will result in a “stronger science base and enhance medical research” and even more (a huge 89%) say they believe greater trial transparency, including the publication of negative results, will lead to better medicines and better patient care.

As a signature on the AllTrials campaign – which is leading the call for pharma companies to provide greater access to clinical trial data – it’s clear the FPM are fully on board when it comes to pushing for greater data transparency. To that end, the results of last years’ survey have been used to develop guidance for their own members, which is due to be published for consultation later this month.

It’s worth noting that the issue of transparency in clinical trials is not just limited to the UK. In fact, of the FPM members involved in the survey, 25% were based elsewhere in the EU, 10% in the US and 8% in the rest of the world, proving this is part of a much wider problem.

To see the full results of the survey, take a look at the analysis report released by the FPM on 28 August 2014.

Header image: Marc Cramer