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Cocir eHealth Summit 2014

The First Annual Cocir eHealth Summit will be taking place in Brussels from the 18 – 19 November 2014.

In an age where digital technology is advancing at a rapid rate, the race is on for healthcare systems in Europe, and around the world, to be transformed at the patient level by integrating currently fragmented processes in order to deliver higher quality healthcare.

There are a number of innovative technologies already starting to be used throughout hospitals and other care providers alike, along with electronic information and communications systems which allow such organisations to share patient data, knowledge and insights from day-to-day operations. These new technologies also provide numerous opportunities to deliver increased care for patients while offering greater transparency, flexibility and choice, and increasing access to the services available – but it’s important to remember that this journey of transformation is only at the beginning.

The 1st eHealth Summit offers the unique opportunity to:
• Get up to date on the latest achievements and developments in eHealth in Europe and beyond
• Identify solutions to current barriers and an effective deployment of eHealth
• Kick off mutually beneficial dialogues with the other eHealth stakeholders
• Build a bridge between EU and key international players, as well as national, regional and local decision-makers
• Learn best case practices from Regions and Entities

For more information on the main topics at the eHealth Summit and the members of professional organisations likely to be attending, please visit the official website.