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Health IT Space – social networking for health IT professionals

A beta version of Health IT Space, the first social networking platform made especially for health IT professionals, has just been released.

As the final stage of testing before commercial release, the trial of Health IT Space is being conducted and monitored by DAVID eHealth & Pharma UG – a research and innovative SME active in promoting eHealth and the Pharma industry.

By setting up this professional online community, Health IT Space encourages collaboration among providers, industry, research, payers and other stakeholders, promotes innovative models of care that improve outcomes and reduce costs, highlights the issues surrounding population health and focusses on the benefits of analysing data, information and interactions to continually improve quality and outcomes.

Ruslan David, administrator of Health IT Space, explains:

“Our goal is to connect the Health IT Professionals to enable them to be more productive and successful. In short, Health IT Space is all about networking and innovative efforts to think beyond traditional communication and partnership building models between Health IT professionals.”

If you’d like to find our more, or register for free to share your suggestions/opinions on the site’s set-up, usability and aims, simply visit the Health IT Space beta site.